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Matrix Biolage

Matrix Total Results

Matrix Biolage

Imagine….. The Power of Botanicals. Discover the unique Biolage approach to professional hair care that writes natural botanicals with modern technology to create gentle, high performance formulas for healthy looking hair and scalp.

From moisturising Aloe Vera to strengthening Bamboo, Guarana each therapie offers a unique combination of natural extracts to target your specific hair care needs. Our stylist will be happy to advise you which therapie is right for your hair type. Biolage also have a fantastic styling range that shape sculpt and finish and also infuse body, control and shine. Each is enriched with its own bland of botanicals and styling agents to create the salon style you want. Ranging from light to firm hold, stylers can be mixed, blended and layered for the ultimate finish.


Matrix RAW

Matrix Total Results

Matrix Biolage

Biolage R.A.W. Nourish Shampoo with quinoa husk and honey feeds dry, dull hair for healthy-looking, softer locks.

- up to 99% natural-origin
- 99% biodegradable
- no silicones
- no parabens
- no artificial colorants

Q: What is natural-origin?A: We consider an ingredient to be of natural origin if it is unchanged from its natural state or has undergone processing yet still retains greater than 50% of its molecular structure from the original plant or mineral source. 


Matrix Total Results

Matrix Total Results

Matrix Total Results

For TOTAL HAIR CONFIDENCE, get the lust have factor  with this new range from TOTAL RESULTS.  Same professional results at High Street prices.

This great looking range has scientifically created formulas, informed by the stylists' secrets at the core of each range.

available in Hello Blondie, Mega Sleek, Color Obsessed, Curl Please, High Amplify, Moisture Me Rich, So Long Damage & So Silver  


Matrix Styling

Matrix Styling

Matrix Styling


Make your mix and BOOST your style.  Your link to total styling freedom is here.  With Style Link's unique cocktailing ability, your creations are as unlimited as your imagination!  The power is in your hands.


=one million 

PREP - Every great style starts with the prep

PLAY - Shape and transform with play

PERFECT - Fix and finish any style with perfect

BOOST - any look: go for GLOSS, pump up the VOLUME or HOLD on tight



Matrix Styling

Matrix Styling

The Invisibobble has various advantages to it:

  • It is traceless
  • Avoids headaches
  • It is caring to the hair
  • Wearable with all hair types
  • Bracelet feature

The magic trick to Invisibobble’s traceless outcome lies in its peculiar telephone cord shape. When this hair ring is wrapped around the hair, it places uneven pressure around the circumference of the ponytail; standard hair rings put even pressure on the hair, leaving an obvious mark. The uneven pressure produced by Invisibobbles allows for the hair to be held strongly in the ponytail without being too tight. This gives individual hairs more space within the ponytail than they would have when wearing a normal hair band.

Avoiding headaches:
Getting headaches when wearing your hair up is a common problem amongst women. Invisibobble offers a hold that doesn’t pull on individual hairs, nor does it pull on the scalp, which has been made possible though its shape.

Invisibobbles offer more than just a traceless outcome. They are also known for being caring to the hair. The seal is not made of metal, which is often times the cause of breaking hairs. Instead, it is made by soldering the two ends together smoothly, so that they don’t get caught in the hair nor do any damage to it.

All hair types:
An Invisibobble can be worn with any hair type! No matter if curly, straight, thick or thin, Invisibobble is always wearable.

Bracelet feature:
We recommend wearing the Invisibobble as a bracelet, when not worn in the hair, as this looks very stylish.


RAW Styling

Matrix Styling

RAW Styling

NEW from RAW collection

The Biolage R.A.W. finishing and styling products give you the perfect naked touch to enhance your true natural beauty for this done, undone look.  Mix, match and layer them for versatility and restyle through the week.



Tangle Teezer


Today Nioxin is one of the leading providers of hair care products that concentrate on improving the appearance of thinning hair. Formulated to be skin care for the scalp for 100 million people looking for a solution for thin-looking hair.

NIOXIN uses advanced technologies to deliver thicker, fuller, denser-looking hair. Our commitment to innovation, supported by research, enables us to be able to help more than 3 out of 4 men and women in the U.S. who experience thinning hair.

The NIOXIN approach began in 1987, when founder Eva Graham experienced thinning hair after the birth of her first child and began to investigate the idea of treating the scalp with skincare methods.

Until then, people experiencing thin-looking hair had very few options for help. NIOXIN's advanced technologies provide real solutions for making the most of the hair you have, transforming the hair care industry and bringing hope and confidence to men and women everywhere.



Tangle Teezer




“Shears Hair & The Beauty Retreat” is proud to be amongest the first in the UK to launch Olaplex as a new in salon service.

This revolutionary new colour upgrade service has become a sensation amongest Hollywood’s ‘A’ celebrities and across the world.

“The Holy Grail for Hair Colour”

“If a beauty company could keep chemical treatments from hurting hair, that’d really be something.”  These were the thoughts of Dean Cristal, founder of Olaplex when conceiving the scientific solution for this new Wonder Product.

With Dean’s and his scientists discovery, Hair Colouring, may never been the same again…so here’s what

Olaplex does:

Olaplex helps rebuild the broken disulphide bonds within the hair that can break during chemical processes, particularly colouring or using thermal heated tools. Disulphide bonds are the bonds that give elasticity and strength to the hair.

Use Olaplex as a pre-treatment or alongside colouring or lightening hair.

This chemistry has never been seen before and opens up brand new possibilities in hairdressing colour variations.


U.S. Patent Published. 

For more information see


Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer The Original professional detangling hairbrush is loved by hairdressers and used in professional hair salons.  It's a super smooth operator that works the minute hair is lathered and rinsed.  Glides through wet, vulnerable and colour treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking.

Detangled. Healthy. Shiny. These are the three stages to gorgeous looking hair and we have a hairbrush that helps you every step of the way. Yes, our patented teeth are used on all our hairbrushes, but it’s the functionality and creative design of each one that helps make up your complete haircare cycle. Each stage is as individual as your hair. In our TT world we like to call it prep, preen and polish.



Hair Dryers

Styling Products

Hair Dryers

Make every day a good hair day, with the professional ghd hairdryer range. Perfect for creating hairstyles that stand-out. Each ghd hairdryer in the range enables you to style quickly, with the ghd aura® featuring patented Cool-Wall® technology allowing you closer access to the roots, delivering impressive volume. Lock in moisture and control frizz with the Ionic feature on each ghd hairdryer, designed to help create sleek styles and leave you with results that last.

If you are looking for a salon finish in half the time*, the ghd air® is your perfect styling partner. With its professional strength motor and high-pressure airflow, the ghd air® dries hair faster than conventional hairdryers. Plus, add a ghd diffuser or nozzle, to the ghd air®, to help you create smooth and straight or textured and wavy hairstyles.

ghd air® hair dryer - £99

ghd flight® travel hair dryer - £59



Styling Products

Hair Dryers

Choose from the ghd hair straightener range to complete your kit of styling essentials. From waves and curls, to flicks and poker-straight hair, create a look that's stylish, effortless and professional with our ghd straighteners. The range of ghd hair straighteners will help you to create a multitude of hairstyles, producing shape and movement in each styling session.

Discover the new ghd gold® styler with dual-zone technology - perfect for smoother, sleeker and healthier hair. With beautiful glimmering plates, this new addition to the ghd family will work on any hair type.

The ghd platinum® styler gives you the perfect finish using our patented tri-zone® technology that maintains a safer-for-hair heat from root to tip, reducing hair breakage by over 50%* and increasing shine by 20%**. So now your hair can be stylish and healthy – all in one stroke. Alternatively, select the ghd max styler, which is the perfect straightener for long hair. With its cooler, lighter body and smoother plates it will glide through your hair to give you a salon finish every time.

ghd platinum styler - £189

ghd max styler - £149

ghd gold® styler - £149

ghd mini styler - £119

ghd air dryer - £99

ghd helios hairdryer - £159

ghd glide hot brush - £139

ghd oracle - £189


Styling Products

Styling Products

Styling Products

Create your ultimate hairstyle with the collection of ghd styling products. Our advanced hairstyling technology means that our range of products keep even rebellious hair under control. Add an essential piece to your styling kit with the ghd heat protect spray for kinder-to-hair heat styling. Split ends will be a thing of the past with the ghd advanced split end therapy - using a unique blend of nutrient rich ingredients, the treatment is formulated to leave your hair feeling sleek and shiny.

Say hello to killer curls with the ghd curl hold spray, keeping your curl style locked in for longer. With a light formula and heat protection for your hair, the curl hold spray works with your styler to create beautifully bouncy curls. Whether you want to add extra height and volume, or craft perfect curls, ghd hair styling products are the perfect tool to create your dream hairstyle.

 ghd heat protect spray - £14.50

 ghd curl hold spray - £14.50

 ghd straight and smooth spray - £14.50 

 ghd straight and tame cream - £14.50

ghd root lift spray - £14.50

ghd final shine spray £10.95

 ghd total volume foam - £16.50